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Have you considered educating your child through Irish?

Children will be immersed in the Irish language from an early age. They will have the advantage of having a background in oral Irish for the Leaving Certificate Examination which accounts for 40% of marks.

How will learning everything through Irish affect a child's English language development?
Some parents are initially fearful that Irish-medium education may have a negative impact on their child's English language development.  However, research has shown that immersion education may actually enhance English language development.  A recent review of the research on immersion programs from 1972 to 2001 concludes that "the effect of learning a second language on first language skills has been positive in all studies done" (Bournot-Trites and Tellowitz, 2002).

While it can be helpful if parents speak Irish at home it is not necessary so therefore there is no need to be fearful.

How does the Immersion Education model used in gaelscoileanna work?

It works by creating a socio-linguistic environment socially that emulates the natural spoken environment of the immerse language (Irish).In this way, an effort is made, in a sensitive way, to reduce as much as possible the amount of exposure to the first language.
much the same way as young children think that the principal owns the school and the teachers live in the school, they also think that the teaching staff only speak Irish and thus through the immersion model, the need to learn Irish to communicate is created.
this process, the child acquires enough spoken Irish to learn pre-literacy skills through Irish, which are then translated into English during the formal teaching later in the child's schooling.Translating literacy skills from the minority language (Irish in Ireland) to the majority language (English in Ireland) allows for better competency of both languages than if a child were to begin the majority language and transfer to the minority language.

Call in and meet the staff who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.                           
Bigí Linn!

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